About Us

aboutGTS is part software designer and developer, part business consultancy and part systems integrator. Together, we take a holistic approach to creating PLM solutions for exceptional brands and companies.

GTS is 100% focused on delivering PLM solutions and utilizing state of the art technology to support it.  We don’t develop CRM, ERP or CAD/CAM solutions.  We don’t deliver solutions across a disparate range of industries.  We are a sewn goods solution provider.  From our applications, customers can collaborate globally on design specifications, materials, samples, vendor quotes, pricing and margins, production status and material compliance.

Since 1996, we’ve been helping customers achieve PLM excellence by taking an individual, client-first approach to each and every project we take on.  No two companies are the same; no two industries are the same.

  1. We work with all the stakeholders. A PLM solution touches many areas of the business.  From merchandising, design and development to costing, production control and beyond.  While possessing the technological expertise to develop cutting edge solutions and talk tech turkey with your IT department, we also have the business knowledge to work with your business teams and get them in-sync.
  2. We listen first – sell later. Seems counter intuitive, but that’s what we do.  We want to understand in detail your processes, challenges, pain points and requirements.  We then propose solutions that balance your needs with our experience to plan and deliver an effective, cost efficient PLM solution.   We develop implementation plans in the short-term and road maps for long-term phased projects.
  3. We do what’s right for our clients. Our company is guided by our unswerving commitment always to do the right thing by our clients.  We’ve lost business because of that commitment but lay our heads on the pillow at night with a clear conscious.  That’s priceless!
  4. We’re global just like you. GTS achieves high service delivery levels by leveraging an appropriate mix of onshore and offshore resources.  This strategy allows us to provide 24/7 service, multi-language support and reduce costs while maximizing value.
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