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PLM at work for you


We specialize in optimizing our PLM technology and your PLM processes with measurable returns and improved processes. That is our focus.

By uniting business consulting, application development and systems integration, GTS provides a complete and expert approach to help companies’ link people-to-people and people-to-processes.

Lifecycle Process Management

  • Collaborative product development
  • Prototyping through to production ramp up
  • Line building, margin analysis and adoption
  • RFQ’s, negotiations and approvals
  • Cost breakdowns and analysis
  • Line calendaring
  • Pre-production event planning & tracking
  • Sourcing, inspection results and outbound logistics


1. Find your executive evangelist
2. Look for your pain points in development
3. Set goals for your PLM strategy
4. Establish metrics
5. Find an IT solution to support your PLM initiative without overwhelming your organization

Lifecycle Data Management

  • Materials
  • Style masters and SKUs
  • BOM/Specifications
  • Revisions, history and audit trails
  • Product quotes, margins and approvals

Customer Service Lady


laptop ladyOne Version of the Truth
One database ensures accurate information.

Lower Overhead, Better Results
Increases in efficiencies and productivity as well as eliminating redundant work and keeping Department headcount from rising are common benefits we hear from customer using our solutions.

Reduced Learning Curve
Intuitive screens make user training and orientation easy.

Accurate Specs, Lower Sample Iterations
No more incorrect samples and wasted time due to incomplete or poorly organized specs.

Industry Tailored Applications
Built-in best practices from years of experience ensure implementations are smoother and faster.

Accelerate Market Driven ROI
Our PLM solutions improve ROI by delivering more quickly, cheaply, and by meeting and often beating expected delivery dates of samples, prices and production product.

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