The changing tastes of shoe buyers means shoemakers must continually offer new, bolder and unique product lines to catch the consumer’s eye. Athletic companies place a great deal of focus in R&D related to comfort and performance. Dress and casual shoe makers, on the other hand, expend their energies in following trends and offering fashion-forward designs.

Aside from consumer-facing challenges, shoemakers in all categories and sizes face continuing geographic changes in sourcing. As a result, it is important to implement a collaborative PLM solution for long term sustainability.

Our Solutions

GTS offers two solutions for the footwear industry. Our flagship enterprise PLM solution is called SoftShoe. It has the breadth and depth of functionality needed by global footwear enterprises to manage lines, specs/BOMs, materials, pricing, costing, margin analysis and more.

Realizing SoftShoe could have a wider appeal to footwear companies with limited financial and/or human resources, GTS then developed a ‘starter’ solution new companies or those that had grown to a point wherespreadsheets, CAD/graphic files and e-mail alone could no longer support their development operations and processes. That solution is called SoftShoeStyle.

Please review the comparison between these two PLM solutions below.


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