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Business Process Reviews

Part of any well planned PLM initiative is to conduct a review of your product development processes. Typically, these reviews identify redundancies, hand off issues between departments as well as critical product data scattered across servers and laptops in need of consolidation.

GTS can assist in mapping your processes, conducting staff reviews as well as revising or changing any tasks or activity to improve performance and meet best practices. This graphical and written documentation can then be used in writing your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and the metrics you wish to measure as part your PLM initiative.

Investing in a Business Process Review prior to implementation will improve the efficiency of your product development activities, helping you to operate more effectively and nimbly. These Reviews should also allow you to match needs and requirements, priorities and pain points to the PLM solution you will be implementing. Further benefits of this review include 1) reduced costs from streamlining operations; 2) improvements that will drive revenue growth and 3) increased customer satisfaction.

GTS prides itself on having BPM expertise that can help optimize your PLM processes and the experience to suggest industry best practices and the unique needs within your organization.


GTS has a solid track record of successful implementations delivered on time and within budget, leveraging strong expertise in providing PLM & IT consulting services and adhering to best practices.

GTS’ implementation approach is based on Agile concepts that seek to maximize the speed and success of the implementation. Each implementation has distinct phases that include a needs assessment, module required, integration, migration, testing, training and, finally, user acceptance. Phases include specific deliverables and milestones to enable you and our implementation team to track progress.

PLM Maturity Assessment

Before embarking upon a PLM project, footwear, apparel and accessories companies need to assess their PLM ‘Maturity Capability’ before any PLM roadmap and project plan is drawn up.

PLM investments should be conducted having an integrative plan that assures the concept of alignment. This structured approach or PLM roadmap should describe and monitor the actions or projects to bring business to the next level of PLM maturity and alignment. To support this PLM roadmap, Batenburg, Helms and Versendall of Ultrech University in the Netherlands suggest:

1. Determine your current maturity and alignment level
2. Benchmark your as-is level against best practices in your industry and based on the benchmark data presented in their paper;
3. Determine the desired maturity level of your business bearing in mind it is too ambitious to try and move ahead more than one maturity level at a time;
4. Define your roadmap for getting to your desired maturity level defined in each business dimension.

GTS can assist your team with this assessment and defining your PLM Roadmap.


GTS provides professional training at your location or online. Our PLM solutions are extremely intuitive by design making end user training easy and a task usually performed by one of our client’s implementation team. We work with clients to ensure an effective and efficient knowledge transfer of the day-to-day workings of our solutions so that you achieve your patient care and bottom line goals. During the implementation period, we provide a formal training program designed around your business and training requirements. We also offer ongoing onsite and web-based trainings.

From the outset of a project, GTS trains and works closely with implementation team and IT Administrator. We strive to ensure that you can independently support your operations and new PLM solution.


Today, most companies see the integration of product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions as mission critical. Not only does it eliminate redundancies and errors but it improves efficiency.

Our PLM solutions have already been integrated with several external ERP systems. We offer data export capabilities, bi-directional Application Program Interfaces (APIs) as well as database structure and mapping documentation for those who wish to do it themselves.


Do you need to transfer data from legacy systems to our solutions? No problem. GTS has performed this task for many clients.

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