SoftShoeStyle helps footwear companies, designers, suppliers and merchandisers to simplify the coordination and execution of product development tasks online. Tailored for the footwear industry, it keeps your seasonal lines better organized and your staff more productive. Imagine a unified, single version of lines, specifications and product information in real-time that is affordable!

  • Specification/BOMs/Tech Packs
  • Sample Management
  • Quote Management
  • Margin Analysis
  • Communication tools -including graphics, video library, blogs and email integration
  • Audit Trail
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Integration
An Easy to Use, Quick Install
PLM Solution for Footwear Companies
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SoftShoeStyle can help you meet the challenges, quickly and easily.


The SoftShoeStyle Difference

Intuitive Design, and a Stunningly Beautiful Dashboard

In designing and developing SoftShoeStyle, a top priority was to provide a positive user experience. Specifics goals we were looking to achieve included:

  • A Dashboard from which to easily launch functionality, input data as well as organize and search
  • An intuitive workflow tailored, of course, for the footwear industry
  • Feature rich, but only essential functionality. Add-ons are provided for additional requirements
  • The accuracy of the information presented (correct computational output and proper conveyance)
  • The pleasing appearance of the interface
  • Balancing users’ needs and the goals of the business
  • Accessibility of the application from anywhere in the world

SoftShoeStyle represents a positive experience for the users while giving management the information they need to manage the business.


Best Practices Built-In with Configuration Options, Where Needed.

No programmers or consultants needed

  • A quick and easy progression to feeling comfortable with the system (short learning curve).
  • Built-in best practices and workflow for footwear development.
  • Configurable field data for line identification, size runs and sizing systems, status types and much more.
  • Options to add other modules and/or upgrade to SoftShoe, our enterprise solution.

Online Status & Reporting

  • Quick and easy online access to spec, sample, pricing and overall development status
  • Configurable and personal views of data
  • Financial, status and performance reporting

Features & Functions that Fit

Comprehensive functionality is the hallmark of SoftShoeStyle. Building off of our enterprise PLM SoftShoe, this application can drive your business from line building and concept design to the adoption of styles simply and easily.


Modules and Features

softshoestyle3Line Folders

Create Line Folders any way you wish such as collection, season, and year or by customer, season, and year. There is also a built-in Line Calendar to keep you on time.

Style Dashboard

At the heart of SoftShoeStyle is the Style dashboard where authorized users can create, select and access all of the information associated with a specific style including:

sss style dashboard FStyle Header: Core details on the product can be captured in the top panel. Input Style IDs and color ways. To ensure better control, access is provided to pre-defined tables for style and construction details, product categorization, market and customer information, status and more.

Style Details: The lower panel is where components can be selected from a reference dictionary of names (see Components below). Materials, their attributes and suppliers, if known, can be recalled from an incremental search or entered right into the style specification if they have never been sourced before. Add Construction Comments. Change the order or the width of the columns and save the view to suit your preferred workspace. SoftShoeStyle delivers all the functions to replace Excel spreadsheets including cut, copy, paste, delete & undo.

Copy Styles: Styles can easily be copied into another Line Folder or copied and revised in an existing Folder. This feature increases productivity and eliminates manual entry of like styles.

Components: A Components Library gives users quick access and consistent naming conventions when detailing a shoe specs. Comments and drawings can be easily added.

Graphics: Support the Spec with callouts, line drawings, and sketches, photos of print samples, logo details, pattern cutting and stitching details. Any graphics image can be defined as the ‘Thumbnail’, which can display in the Style dashboard for quick referencing and selection.

Blog: Style-level thread lets you communicate at the style-level internally with attachments rather than in disjointed and combined e-mails. Mechanicals and other important files can be attached. If the program resides on a user’s PC, the attachment can be launched right from SoftShoeStyle.

Sample Management

softshoestyle5Requests: From the Style Dashboard, any number of sample requests for any style can be generated via Outlook email. A forms maintenance tool is provided to maintain/update the layout of Sample Request as defined during implementation.

Users can process various types of sample requests i.e. prototype, confirmation and sales. Tech packs or any other supporting image or documents can be attached.

Tracking: Once samples have been produced, users can capture receipt dates and status {i.e. rejected, rework, wrong quantity, etc.}. GTS can work with the client to add further functionality to generate sample labels, shipment documentation and status reports for clients.

Quote and Price Management

Pricing allows you to better manage factory cost quotes, client pricing and the overall quoting practices during the sales process. Pricing is also integrated to Agent Access; another optional SoftShoeStyle add-on.

From the Style Dashboard, users can
sss pricing request f

  • Dynamically create a new price request with or without a sample request. Assign an Agent/Factory to quote. Price requests can include target price, volume, customer and preferred factory if request is going to an Agents. Users can also attach specs, drawings or other pertinent details to meet client requirements for a particular style.
  • Generate Price Requests for any number of suppliers. Each Price Request can include product specification details and other critical details to ensure accurate quotes are received.


From the Pricing Dashboard, users can:
sss pricing F

  • Capture quotes received, update status including acceptance or rejection of any quote. Via Factory Access (see next section below), cost quotes can be captured by vendors themselves and automatically received/updated to Pricing.
  • Vendor and customer comments can be added. Minimum order requirements and committed order quantities can be captured as well.
  • Margins are automatically calculated based on cost, sell and retail pricing.
  • Password and security controls to this highly sensitive data are included.

Business Intelligence – Status Views & Reports

Customized views can be figured in SoftShoeStyle. There is also an easy to use basic reporting tool built-in. These reports can be exported to Excel for sharing outside the SoftShoeStyle community of users.

ERP Integration

GTS has integrated its PLM solutions to a host of ERP solutions. Exporting critical data on commercialized styles is critical to any order management solution. Re-inputting data which is prone to error and is a redundant task is eliminated.

Agent Access

Couple in home office with computer and paperwork smilingCollaborating with agents or manufacturers is critical to reducing time to market and ensuring quick and accurate delivery of product and sample details, price quotes and status.

With Agent Access, your vendors will be able to:

  • View and print various types of samples requests i.e. prototype, confirmation, reworks and sales requests.
  • Access to the Style Blog to make comments as a Style goes through the sampling process.
  • View and print tech packs received as part of a sample request or sent separately with revisions.
  • Straightforward environment for overseas vendors to record receipt of physical samples, tag/label them, capture distribution details and generate shipping documents.
  • View and print Pricing Requests.
  • Capture, negotiate and/or confirm quote acceptance.
  • Access to a Pricing Blog to make comments during the quote process.

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