StyleSource is an intuitive application designed to enable small to medium footwear companies, agents and service providers to progressively manage import Production Orders from buyers evaluation of Sales Sample through Sales Order, Production Order, Tracking and on to Shipment.  Integration to ERP and accounting systems are options, giving you a complete solution for managing your business.


StyleSource is very easy to implement and are engineered to minimize the need for resources from your IT team. It can even be deployed as a cloud service, virtually eliminating additional support costs.

Best Practices

Embedded best practices and optimizes the specific and sometimes unique functions of global footwear sourcing right through to initial import shipment notifications.

Low implementation and administration cost

Nearly off-the-shelf plug-and-play system that does not require months to customize. Minimal IT project management resources are needed. A hosted option is also available.


Modifying legacy systems or ERP is not usually the most cost-effective route to cater for import complexities and a sourcing strategy that includes direct overseas offices and sourcing agents. StyleSource can be integrated with existing legacy systems at a lower cost.

According to Kurt Salmon’s research, retailers and branded companies are increasingly turning to agents as the number of potential sourcing regions and countries, both near and far, grow wider. One performance metric they are looking for in these agents is operational excellence.

Features at a Glance

Line Manager

Line Manager

The process starts with organizing upcoming styles. The Line Manager module of StyleSource provides a simple way for you to organize existing and upcoming Styles in Folders. Folders can be defined in many ways, for instance collection/season/year or by customer/status.


Style Library

Style Library

Style Library contains positioning, core product details and sample pairs information down to the Colorway, Material and Date sampled level. Images and attachments can be linked at the Style and Colorway/Material level. Styles can be moved or copies between Lines and Seasons for re-classification, carry-over or re-branding.

Intuitive to use, sensible and effective global search capabilities and a complete audit log to tack activities help you manage Style status, sample pairs and Tech Packs.




Sales OrdersSales Order

In StyleSource, a sales order is generated when a buyer communicates that they want to purchase one or more styles. This notification of intent to purchase can be initiated by an email, phone call or even a spreadsheet from the buyer.
The Sales Order function in StyleSource is the one place where commitment details are captured in a structured form and then ‘published’ internally and shared with any partners, when necessary. It also acts as the Adoption/Commercialization notice for Preproduction and can trigger an interface to create a SKU in the Product Catalog of your ERP system.

Production OrdersOrder Functions

Production Order are created quickly from the Sales order and are linked to the Style Manager so there is no re-typing of data and any changes are quickly published through the system. This integrated approach saves time and increases. The PO contains links to all the information needed to execute the Order with the supplier:

    • Customer account and vendor information
    • Milestone calendaringOrder Size Run and Shipments
    • Style IDs, colorways and quantities
    • Buyer / Seller /Terms
    • Costs and Pricing
    • Sizing System / Case Packs options
    • Branding and Packaging details
    • Carton dimensions and details
    • Shipping windows
    • Single or multi-shipment schedule and quantities

An easily accessed, comprehensive audit log ensures order changes are tracked.

Production Tracking

Production TrackingFollow-up is critical. Scheduling on-site visits to inspect materials and production stages is critical to delivering the promised product on time. Production tracking is an important part of StyleSource, tracking Expected, Estimated and Actual completion dates according the calendars that you define.

Some large retailers require updated Production tracking information, including Material Arrive, Cutting, Stitching, Lasting and Production complete. In order to communicate status and identify potential problem areas, the data can be exported in a spreadsheet and sent by e-mail or posts.



ShippingShip Runs

The final step in executing for your clients is to coordinate and track shipment information from the factory and consolidator.

StyleSource users overseas update the system on-line so that you have immediate visibility of shipment information and potential problems when XFTY dates and Ship dates are due or late.


Upon confirmation of InCFS date, PO + Ship information is flagged as ready to send. An Accounting function generates a fixed format spreadsheet that can be used to upload both

  • A/P (Factory/Agent)
  • A/R (Customer) entries to an accounting system. StyleSource calculates any discounts or agreed charges and commissions on the A/R side

Implementation and Scalability

Cloud-basedStyleSource is intuitive to the user and headache-free for IT. The application can be installed and configured in a few weeks, not months or years. StyleSource can be installed on in-house servers, collocated and virtual servers or with a cloud-based provider.







StyleSource went live in Fall 2014 at a fast-growing fashion footwear company in Seattle PR


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